Namrata and Aashish // Hindu Engagement Ceremony // Chantilly, VA

Namrata and Aashish are engaged! And what a beautiful and colorful celebration it was! When Namrata first talked to me about doing their engagement photos, I thought we'd be heading to a park to shoot some portraits. Little did I know, a Hindu engagement ceremony is like a mini-wedding! I've never been to one before, and it was so interesting to learn about all of their traditions. Before the ceremony, Namrata got her hair and makeup done, and then her female friends and family gathered around to help her get dressed. It looked complicated - I’m glad she had so much assistance :) Namrata stayed hidden in a side room while Aashish and his family arrived, so they wouldn’t get to see her until she made her big entrance.

The ceremony itself is called a Sagai, and it was filled with gift-giving, beautiful flowers, and of course, Namrata getting her engagement ring :) I loved how much their families were involved in the ceremony - you can tell how happy they all are that Namrata and Aashish found each other! They actually had friends and family fly in from all around the world to join in the festivities, so you know these two are very much loved.

We had perfect weather that day, and were able to slip away for a few minutes after the ceremony to get the happy couple outside for some portraits! They are just so in love, it was easy to capture some sweet pictures of them. They are a gorgeous couple, both inside and out, and I’m so excited for them to get married in a few months. Congratulations again Namrata and Aashish!