National Zoo Engagement Session | Washington, DC | Megan and Marisa

 Sitting on a bench at the National Zoo for engagement photos |  Washington, DC Zoo Engagement

One of Megan and Marisa’s favorite things to do is visit the National Zoo, so that’s where we went for their engagement photos! It had honestly been years since I last visited the zoo, and it was so fun to explore it with a couple of regulars. The National Zoo is MASSIVE compared to my hometown zoo, and I definitely would have been navigating around with my paper map if I didn’t have two tour guides with me!

Marisa and Megan’s love for animals extends beyond their zoo membership - they are also cat moms to two special needs kitties. Everyone who adopts rescue animals has a special place in my heart, but especially those who take on the extra responsibility of animals with disabilities!

At our initial consultation, these two warned me that they weren’t totally comfortable in front of the camera and they never take pictures. “We don’t even take selfies together.” But Megan and Marisa were super cute together through the entire engagement session - it probably helped that we were hanging out in their favorite place! They were total naturals in front of the camera, even if they didn’t know that about themselves going in.

 Smithsonian National Zoo underwater mural near the Visitor Center | Engagement session at the zoo in Washington, DC
 Candid engagement photos at the DC zoo
 Animal mural at the National Zoo

We knew it was very possible to go the whole afternoon without any animals coming up close to us. But this otter was not camera shy and wanted to be in a few pictures! And we totally lucked out that no other zoo guests were watching the otters at this moment, so I didn’t have to elbow any small children out of these adorable shots :)

So it didn’t get as close to us as the otter, but the maned wolf came close enough to at least get in frame with Marisa and Megan!


These two have a fun weekend in the woods planned for their wedding at Lydia Mountain Lodge next year, and I can’t wait to celebrate with them!

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