Do you find that your friends are talking about their human children and you chime in about your dog?

“Oh my gosh Ollie is such a picky eater too!”
“Isn’t it the worst? Bailey gets so cranky around bedtime.”

If so, I GET YOU. Dog people are my people. And being a dog photographer is the absolute BEST job in the world. Nothing makes me happier than hanging out with adorable pups and their humans!

I know you’ve already got a million pictures of your pup on your phone, but you just can’t beat the cuteness that can be captured with a professional photo session.

Get some more information with my frequently asked questions, or contact me to book your session!


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Frequently Asked Questions

My dog is crazy. I don’t think they will sit still for photos!
Not a problem. Most of the dogs I work with have a lot of energy and I am happy to grab shots of them in action! One of the best things you can do BEFORE the session is take them out for a long walk or playtime in the yard. This will help get some of that excess energy out! And if your dog is capable of basic commands like “sit” and “stay,” even if they only last for a second or two, that’s usually enough time for me to snap a quick photo. Are distractions an issue? We can always choose a time and location where there won’t be a ton of other people and dogs around.

What should I bring to the session?
Your dog’s favorite toys and treats are always a good idea! They can be super helpful with getting a dog’s attention. I also recommend bringing a neutral color leash, and removing any poop bag holders from it (but still bring the bags!) If your dog normally wears a harness, we’ll probably do the photos with the collar/leash only, as long as you’re comfortable with that.

How much does a dog portrait session cost?
My portrait sessions are $500. The digital files are included, and there are no requirements to purchase prints!

Do I need to be in the photos too?
No, you don’t NEED to be, but I highly recommend it! I love capturing candid moments of pups interacting with their owners.

Do you have a studio?
I don’t have a studio; all of my sessions take place on location. So we can head to your favorite park or trail, walk around the monuments in DC, or even meet up at your house!

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