Rustic Gold Wedding at Fontainebleau Inn Wedding in Alpine, NY | Sarah and Dan

As you can see in the photos, Sarah and Dan are quite possibly the cutest couple ever! I first realized this while doing their engagement photos (check them out here), so I was super excited to photograph them again! These two got married in November at Fontainebleau Inn in Alpine, NY. A beautiful venue, overlooking a lake, with fall colors everywhere! It was amazing.

And their wedding day was so perfectly them. It's so great when couples personalize every aspect of their wedding, and these guys did just that! You can really see their love for their pets, their football team, and all things gold and sparkly in every one of these pictures :)  And while this day was about celebrating their love for each other, they really wanted it to be special for every one of their guests too. Sarah and Dan threw an awesome party, and I know their friends and family all had a blast!

I can't get over how cute this little family portrait is! I want one of these for my family :)


So much happiness on this girl's face the entire day!!

Sarah and Dan decided to exchange gifts before the wedding - don't you just love the necklace Dan gave Sarah?

I capture everything guys. And this is a really important moment in any wedding day :)

While the ladies got ready upstairs, the guys were hanging out on the first floor. I just loved all of the space at this venue - every room was gorgeous.

Just some last minute button-fixing :)

Sarah had so many amazing surprises prepared for Dan! Including this awesome Furgal sign :)

And these two are huuuge Packers fans, so these championship rings were another fun surprise.


Sarah and her dad decided to do a father-daughter first look and it was freaking adorable.

Then we all drove a few minutes down the road to a gorgeous waterfall to do Sarah and Dan's first look!

I get teary just looking at these pictures again!

This wedding party was fantastic! And I loooove the mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

Dan scattered some of his father's ashes over the waterfall. I loved being able to capture this touching moment for the Furgal family!

Look at that ceremony view! So so gorgeous.

This was a mid-November wedding in upstate New York, so Sarah and Dan wanted to make sure their guests stayed warm during the outdoor ceremony. They had the cutest warming stations with scarves and blankets for everyone!


A lot of people worry that doing a first look will take away from the emotional aisle moment. Nope, here's some clear evidence to the contrary!  There is nothing like walking down that aisle in front of all of your friends and family!

Those Super Bowl rings!!

I just loved all of the emotion in both of their faces!

They might have been a little bit excited about their school bus :)


These guys put so much thought into every one of their wedding details! I just loved them all, especially the Polaroid station!

Obviously the bride should not be feeding herself on her wedding day :)

Another surprise from Sarah here with their first dance - she surprised Dan by having friends perform a cover of one of his favorite songs live!

The toasts were amazing! So heartfelt. You can tell just how close Sarah and Dan are with their best friends!

Is pizza the best wedding food ever? I think so!

Sarah's sister Margaret own's an amazing bakery in Cortland called Frosted. As one would expect, when your sister bakes for a living, she goes above and beyond on your wedding day! Seriously, count the number of cakes in this picture!


Remember that picture up above of their invitations, with the illustration of Sarah and Dan's faces with their pets? Well this is that illustration in cookie form.

Cookies in the shape of french fries, and tying it in with the new last name? Genius!

And of course a Green Bay cake, with bride, groom, and their fur babies on Lambeau Field. I can't even!! I don't think I will ever again in my life see a dessert spread like this one.

I always love the parent dances :)

Notice here which bridesmaid is taking this more seriously than everyone else. Keep it in mind ladies next time you want to compete for a bouquet - stretching is important :)

This wedding was such a great way to close out my 2016 season.  It's such a bummer that Sarah and Dan live states away from me, because I know we'd hang out all the time if we were closer! Love you guys!


Photographer: Megan Rei Photography

Venue: Fontainebleau Inn

Second Photographer: Jennifer Capozzola

Videographer: Cavellier Cinema

Caterer: Sweet-N-Saucy Catering

Bakery: Frosted

DJ: Sound Decision Mobile DJ Service

Hair Stylist: Alison Sileo

Makeup Artist: Toria Serviss


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