Gavin | Tampa, FL | Family Portrait Photographer

This brunch date/photo shoot with the Mackey family was so much fun! Jason and Stephanie are soccer friends of mine from back when I used to live in Tampa. I moved to Virginia a few years ago, so this was the first time I was finally able to meet their son Gavin. What a cutie he is - this kid was seriously made to model! Gavin is just full of smiles and makes the most adorable faces. I cannot get over how much he looks like his dad, he’s seriously a mini-Jason.

We grabbed brunch at The Grind Coffee Bar in Westchase, where Gavin enjoyed some chocolate chip pancakes and apple juice. (I also ordered apple juice to drink, and the barista assumed it was for a child. Nope, adults can enjoy apple juice too, lady haha). Our friend Moose joined us as well, and it was so cute watching him with Gavin - he is such a good uncle :)  After brunch, we played in the nearby fountain which Gavin loved.

It was so great catching up with everyone - I really do miss this fantastic group of friends! Gavin has a little brother on the way this fall, so hopefully I’ll be back soon to meet him :)