The Eatons | A Highland Park Maternity and Family Photo Session in Rochester, NY

My cousin Stacey is expecting baby #4 soon, so we wanted to capture some maternity photos for her at Highland Park while I was back home in Rochester. And I’m so glad she brought the whole family with her!

The boys did awesome. It’s not an easy thing to get three excited young kids to pay attention for pictures, but the Eaton boys were great. Yes, there was a giant hill to roll down and fun trees to climb, but we managed to stay focused for a bunch of cute family shots :)   Perhaps it was the promises of lollipops and ice cream that Stacey and Dean were offering that helped keep them attentive haha.

Stacey’s dress was gorgeous, and she made the floral crown herself! Such a beautiful combination. Dean was of course wearing his signature Sambas (anyone who knows him is aware that he always wears these indoor soccer shoes!) And I totally approve - my husband and groomsmen wore Sambas in our wedding :)

I can’t wait to meet the next Eaton when he is born, and I know the rest of the family is excited too! Stacey regularly writes about all her pregnancies, so if you like reading pregnancy diaries and birth stories, make sure you check out her blog!