Diggory | Rochester, NY Pet Photographer

Meet my nephew Diggory! (Yes, he's named after the character Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter.) He's a mutt, but our best guess is that he's a boxer/beagle mix. My sister and I live in different states, and it was killing me that I couldn't meet her puppy as soon as she got him! I was so excited when Jessie, her boyfriend Dan, and Diggory were all going to be in Rochester at the same time as me. So I was finally able to get my puppy fix :)

Diggory loved my parents' house, especially the couches!


Play hard sleep hard.

One of Diggory's favorite hobbies is snacking on his leash until he rips it apart. This is not his first leash (and I'm sure won't be the last).

My dad pretends that he doesn't like animals. Then you put a puppy in front of him and it's a whole different story :)


Isn't this family the cutest?


He knows how to high five! Such a smart pup :)

Hahaha I cannot get over this face!

Can't wait til our next visit!