The Whitmans | Rochester, NY Family Portrait Photographer

I love the Whitmans! Kate and I were roommates in college at Geneseo, and have been best friends ever since. Whenever I’m back home in Rochester, I always make time to hang out with Kate, her husband Pat, and little Penelope. The last time we did their family portraits was back in the fall, and it’s crazy to see how much Penelope has grown in a just a few short months.  She is talking (she even said “Meg,” now we just gotta get an “aunt” in front of there haha) and she’s walking around like a pro. We had such a fun afternoon at Genesee Valley Park, playing on the playground and walking the trails. Penelope loved the swings, and I lost count of how many times she went down the slide! Can’t wait to spend time with them again next time I’m in Rochester :)

So the wind was a little bit crazy that day - Penelope was not thrilled with what it was doing to her hair haha.

This girl loved the slide! Every single trip down ended with a request for "more?!" and back up she went!