Our Anniversary Vacation in South Carolina

To celebrate our one year wedding anniversary, Neal and I decided to take a little trip to South Carolina. We found an adorable lake house on Airbnb, and had such a great time! We needed to find a place that allowed dogs, because honestly, we're happiest with Rui around. This house on Lake Murray was just perfect. The house itself was so cute, and you can't beat that lakefront view!


The weekend was filled with lots of corn hole and lots of kisses. These guys are just the best.


Of course we followed all of the lake rules :)

I had a big goal for the weekend - to get Rui in the kayak with me. Rui is terrified of pretty much everything, so I knew this was unlikely haha. He actually did come over on his own to check it out, and even put his front paws in with just a little prompting from me! But once Neal lifted his back paws in, he freaked out. I wish we'd gotten a photo of that part haha, but this will have to do.

So it turns out, Rui and Neal have similar feelings about kayaks. This was seriously as far away from the shore as Neal was willing to go!

Similar to what we do at home, foosball games were used to decide who cooks dinner.


Maybe I'm a terrible dog mom for this, but I carried Rui out into the water with me against his will. I figure it's kind of like when my mom made me take swimming lessons and I didn't want to, right? He loves the water - he just loves to be where he can touch the ground haha.  We sat out there for awhile just me holding him, and I  truly thought he was doing ok and not minding it. But I also couldn't see his face like you can see in this picture lol.

As soon as I let him go he swam right to shore and wouldn't let me near him for the next 10 minutes lol.


He is a much happier dog on the dock!

We spent a lot of time right here - lounging on the porch (on dry land for both of these guys haha) with drinks and board games.

One of the days we took a trip into Columbia, where we walked around a nice park and Rui enjoyed the doggie water fountain!


I won't say Neal was thrilled when I brought out my tripod and off camera flash, but he did tolerate it for a few minutes.


Another similarity between my dog and my husband - they get tired of me taking so many pictures. But they're both just so darn cute I can't help myself!

We had such a fabulous time and I can't wait to make another trip back. If you're looking for a great weekend getaway you should definitely check out the Airbnb listing!

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