Betsy and Jonathan Engagement (with Ollie the dog) in Warrenton, Virginia

 Cute dog during engagement photos in Warrenton, Virginia | Warrenton Virginia Dog Photographer

Look at that face, y'all. Betsy and Jonathan looked pretty adorable during their engagement session, but they've got nothing on Ollie's cuteness! I met up with this little family in Warrenton, VA for their photos, and we had a beautiful evening walking around the gardens together. Betsy and Jonathan were actually supposed to get their engagement photos done in Florida (where they're getting married next year), but had to change plans due to weather. But I think everything happens for a reason, and it all worked out in the end because we had a gorgeous day!

And it's hard to believe, but Betsy actually ran a half marathon earlier in the day before our shoot. I know I would have been passed out on the couch after completing something like that, but here she was looking gorgeous just a couple hours later!

 Candid engagement pictures in Warrenton, VA | Northern Virginia Candid Photographer | Megan Rei Photography

Ollie's a beagle/dachshund mix, and his short little legs are my favorite ❤

 Engaged couple with their dog on the garden steps in Warrenton, Virginia | Warrenton Virginia Wedding Photographer | Megan Rei Photography
 Cute rescue dog with his engaged parents behind him | Garden engagement photos in Warrenton, Virginia

There was so much laughter during their session! I loved it! It's so easy to see how happy they make each other.

 Happy couple laughing during their engagement shoot | Northern Virginia
 Smiling couple during their engagement session | Best Warrenton  VA Engagement Photographers | Megan Rei Photography

Betsy and Jonathan were so smart, and brought a couple friends along to the shoot to help with Ollie. It allowed us to grab some photos of just the two of them, and gave us a little extra help with getting Ollie to focus on the camera (or to focus on the treats held over my head, however you want to look at it haha).

 Best engagement dog pictures | Warrenton Virginia Engagement Photographer | Northern Virginia Dog Photographer
 Walking and laughing through the garden
 Cute dog sitting patiently and waiting for treats during an engagement photo shoot | Warrenton, Virginia Engagement Photographer

The way they are looking at each other here is so sweet ❤

 Sweet photo of engaged couple sitting on the garden steps | Candid Engagement Photography
 Ollie, the beagle/dachshund mix, during his photo shoot | Dog of Honor | Wedding Dog Photography
 Engagement picture walking across the stone bridge over the lake in Warrenton, Virginia | Megan Rei Photography
 Candid picture petting their dog during engagement photos | Fauquier County Wedding Photographer | Megan Rei Photography
 Proud dog parents with their pup in Fauquier County
 Beautiful landscape engagement photo in Warrenton, VA | Warrenton Virginia Wedding Photographer

This laughter was brought to you by Betsy's beautiful rendition of her favorite song, "Gucci Gang."

 Candid laughter engagement picture | Bealeton Virginia Engagement Photography
 Diamond engagement ring from Blue Nile
 Sweet photo of couple hugging | Garden engagement pictures in Warrenton, VA | Warrenton Wedding Photographer
 Getting a kiss on the cheek from his future bride | Fauquier County Engagement Photo Locations
 Candid garden engagement photos | Best Places in Warrenton, VA for Engagement Pictures | Megan Rei Photography
 Holding hands while walking through the gardens
 Sweet dog during an engagement session | Warrenton, Virginia Dog Photographer

Engagement sessions with dogs included are the best kind, and I'm so glad I got to capture these pictures for Betsy and Jonathan!


Ring: Blue Nile

Outfits: Amazon and Old Navy