Surprise Proposal at the Stone Bridge | Manassas, VA | Jonathan and Alisa


Proposals are always so much fun to photograph! I love seeing the stories that the proposers come up with to get their future fiancées in place at the right location and time. Jonathan came up with the perfect plan with how he was going to propose to Alisa at Manassas National Battlefield. He told her that he wanted to go see a Civil War reenactment, so they had to be at the Stone Bridge exactly at 6:30pm. Perfect cover story at the battlefields, right?! Well Alisa may have been a little bit suspicious when she couldn’t find anything about this reenactment online, but went along with Jonathan’s plan for a fun day of adventure in Manassas!

Luckily they were spending some time hiking around the park beforehand, because we ended up racing the clock to get these photos in before thunderstorms rolled in! Jonathan and I were texting in the hours leading up to the big moment, and thankfully we were both able to get to the bridge a little early so that we had more time for pictures before the downpour.

Over the last month, Alisa had been hinting to Jonathan about getting engaged by doing the Beyonce “put a ring on it” move. And his response was always to joke with her by asking if she was missing her gloves haha! So when he pulled out the ring box, he had it in a winter glove. So perfect!


This series might be my favorite from the day - Jonathan tackling Alisa!


And we finished up back by the parking lot just as the first drops of rain were starting to fall. So glad we were able to capture these proposal photos just in time!