Burnside Farms, Haymarket, VA Fall Family Photos | Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer | Funes Family

Martha and Walter are good friends of mine from soccer, and I was super excited to do their family portraits. Their kids are always so much fun when they come watch our soccer games, so I knew it was going to be a blast hanging out with them for the afternoon! We met up at Burnside Farms in Haymarket, which is a perfect spot for fall portraits (and for pumpkin picking). I can't wait to check the farm out in the spring when they have fields full of tulips and daffodils! They also have a bunch of fun kids' activities - maybe next time we'll get some shots of the Funes family on the moonbounce :) 

Their goofy face game is on point :)

I still don't really understand what this whole "dabbing" thing is, but these kids are obviously cooler than me :)

"Let's pretend we're looking for something."

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