Shenandoah National Park Engagement Photos | Angela and Dan (and their dog Jax)

I could not have imagined a more perfect engagement session! I love spending time in Shenandoah, and doing so with a happy couple and their adorable pup is even more enjoyable :)  Angela and Dan are such a sweet couple, and we had a fun hike planned in the northern end of the park. The trail was beautiful, the overlook was breathtaking, and I loved getting to know these two better! We chatted a lot about their wedding plans, and Angela and I had a good talk about Portuguese soccer (my husband is obsessed - our dog is even named after the national team's goalie haha). It was such a nice way to spend a fall afternoon!


Oh that face!


Nuzzling level: Expert.

Jax is named after a character from the tv show Sons of Anarchy (hence the appropriate leash). I've never seen it, but it's definitely on my "to-watch" list! Apparently this pup takes after his namesake. This guy looks like a badass biker, right?

Isn't this view amazing?!  Some very friendly families were nice enough to give Angela and Dan the overlook to themselves for a few so that we could get these beautiful shots.

It was during this set of photos that I managed to fumble with my lens hood and drop it over the cliff. I was ready to write it off (they're not expensive), but super-Dan climbed down, risking life and limb. to retrieve it for me out of a tree. Thanks again Dan!

Kisses for everybody :)

See how sad Jax looks here? I think it's because this photo was taken shortly after "the poop incident" and he feels badly about it. There was no photographic evidence of said incident, but it was definitely a memorable part of Angela's day hahaha.

Before we headed back to our cars, I could tell that Dan was just dying to play in the leaves, so we made one last photo stop :)

Can't wait to hang out with these guys again at their Winery at Bull Run wedding next year!