Crockett Park Engagement Session in Midland, VA

I loved hanging out with Jenn and Alex and their adorable dogs Dante and Kiki for their engagement session at Crockett Park! I just knew we were going to be a good fit from our very first meeting at Starbucks - we spent much of that evening talking about our dogs and looking at pictures of them haha. Dog people are my kind of people! I was excited to finally meet these cute pups who I'd heard so much about :)

 We met up on day 2 of the windiest weekend ever (see Kathleen and Aaron's post for day 1 haha), but these guys braved the chilly weather and it totally paid off! This park is one of my favorites, both for picture-taking and for hiking with my dog. There are so many great trails and Germantown Lake is just gorgeous. I love that we were able to get so much variety in the photos all from one location!

While Kiki looks so sweet and innocent staring off into the distance, don't let this little pup fool ya - she's feisty. Before we even took a single picture, she got loose and made a break for the water that nearly gave Jenn a heart attack! But the whole rest of the afternoon she was super calm and cooperative haha.

Hahaha Dante's face in this one is killing me! I just love it when big dogs are cool with being picked up. My dog is the same way!

Alex is definitely pulling off "Blue Steel" in this one!


Hahaha my favorite one. This definitely needs to hang up in your house somewhere guys.

I just love Jenn's ring, and Alex got an engagement watch! This is definitely something more couples should do - it should not be just one person that gets something sparkly to celebrate with haha.

I'm so excited for their wedding next year! Jenn and Alex specifically chose a dog-friendly venue (Hotel Monaco in Alexandria) because they want their dogs to be a part of their big day :)  I can't wait!