A Fall Engagement Session in Old Town Alexandria | Kathleen and Aaron

This engagement session in Old Town Alexandria was great for two reasons 1) Alexandria in the fall is absolutely beautiful 2) I got to catch up with my friend Kathleen! Kathleen and I went to high school together in New York, and now we're both living down here in the DC area.  We hadn't seen each other in probably... 13 years?! It was awesome to see her again, and to meet her fiancee Aaron! They are just so cute together; it was easy to get adorable shots of them :)

We definitely had some wild weather to deal with that afternoon! A storm was moving into the area and the winds were just whipping everywhere. You'll see in some of the photos below :) 


I love the leaves twirling up around Kathleen as she spins!

It's hard to look glamorous when dealing with wind gusts up to 50mph, but Kathleen somehow pulls it off. And I just love Aaron's face in these ones! This is possibly my favorite sequence of photos I've ever taken hahaha.

I was seriously questioning whether we'd make it down to the water before it started to pour on us, but we braved it and I'm so glad we did! Ended up getting another half hour of pictures before the rain came, and they are some of the cutest ones!

The sun peeked out a little bit for us! Just in time to light up these leaves :)

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