Rock Climbing Engagement Photos at Seneca Rocks, WV | Tansy and Tom

An adventure engagement session with rock climbing, hiking, and hammocking at Seneca Rocks? Yes, please!

I love it when couples personalize their engagement pictures by choosing a location that’s special to them, and Tansy and Tom did just that. They first met at a rock climbing gym, and Tom proposed while they were on a rock climbing trip! Tansy’s ring and their wedding bands even feature figure 8 climbing knots. Although I’m not a rock climber myself, I knew we had to find a way to make climbing photos a part of their engagement session. When they first suggested Seneca Rocks (one of their favorite spots to climb), I did some quick Googling and saw how beautiful it was. Definitely worth the drive out to West Virginia!

See those rocky peaks up there? Remember that when you get to the bottom of the post - we ended at the very top of those!

Everyone hiked and climbed safely the entire trip, except for one near-disaster right at the start of the trail. I had to include the entire series to show the progression haha.

Oh hey, I’m up really high now for these next few shots. Harnessed in safely of course - I’m not one to hang off cliffs without being properly secured haha.


You can see the parking lot where we started from here!


These guys are so freakin adorable together. Giant smiles all day long!


We made it to the top!

And here’s where the total silliness begins…why wouldn’t you goof around when standing on the edge of a cliff?!
(You can’t quite tell from the pictures, but the rocks form a pretty protective barrier when walking along here, so it’s not as scary as it looks.)


And we ended the day with some hammock time before making the hike back down to the car.

Big thanks to Alan and Cynthia for making the trip with us, carrying gear, and keeping me safely harnessed :)

Ring: Camellia Jewelry

Climbing Gear: EDELRID, SCARPA, La Sportiva, Arc'teryx

Hammock: ENO