Amber Grove Wedding | Richmond, VA | Kim and Ritchie

From the very first time that we met at Starbucks, I’ve been looking forward to Kim and Ritchie’s wedding at Amber Grove. I knew from our first conversation (which of course involved sharing photos of our dogs) that these two incredible people were going to have an amazing wedding day. It was so much fun celebrating with these clients-turned-friends of mine!

Back when we did their engagement photos, Kim and Ritchie had one adorable Boston terrier - Tallulah. But since then, their little family has grown to include Teddy too! I’m so glad they were able to include both dogs in their wedding day. We got some of my FAVORITE wedding dog pictures ever. Big thanks to my friend Emily at Emily’s Canine Hotel for helping with the doggie transportation!

And you won’t be able to tell from the photos, but Ritchie was actually dealing with a broken tailbone on his wedding day! But he did not let that get him down at all, and we even caught him dancing with his donut later on in the evening haha. He was not going to let a little inconvenience like a broken bone ruin the best day ever :)


Kim and Ritchie are super thoughtful, and there were so many gifts involved in their wedding day! I loved seeing the sweet expressions when they opened the presents to each other, as well as the gifts for their bridal party.


This dress!! Kim looked like a princess.


These photos were taken 15 minutes apart, but Amber Grove’s cat was sure to make cameos for both shoe pictures haha!

Every. Single. Wedding. Groomsmen always have to help each other with ties. And bow ties are especially difficult!!

You gotta love the giant tree at Amber Grove’s ceremony site!

This big wedding party was so much fun, and the dogs loved all the attention from everyone!


Oh my gosh, this one kills me. It looks like Ritchie got married to Teddy!!

As everyone moved into Amber Grove’s reception tent, the party really got started! This dance floor was packed the entire night.

And they finished the night with a sparkler send-off, surrounded by all their friends and family!

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