Surprise Proposal at The Wharf | Washington, DC | Sheheryar and Zoya

Sheheryar was not going to let some rain and chilly temperatures get in the way of his plans to propose to Zoya at The Wharf! The date was just too special to reschedule to another day. It was not only Zoya’s birthday, but also their one year anniversary! So from our first phone call, Sheheryar let me know that this was going to happen rain or shine. He even had a special Snapchat filter made for the occasion! This guy thought of everything. Since Zoya’s job had her working at The Wharf that day, Sheheryar told her that he would come meet her after work to go out to dinner. Or you know, ask her to spend the rest of her life with him. Same thing :)

One particularly nice thing about the rainy weather - we had the pier to ourselves! On a nicer day, we would have run the risk of tourists unknowingly walking in front of my lens right at the big moment.

I would also like to point out that these two look like they walked right out of a magazine. They were rocking the Blue Steel look and getting into romantic poses without me even prompting them!

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you know I always bring along my clear bubble umbrellas! These are lifesavers for rainy shoots.

I absolutely love the bright colors at The Wharf’s seafood market! Zoya and Sheheryar were also seriously contemplating stopping to buy some food mid-shoot haha.

Even though it was wet from all the rain, Zoya was game for getting a few action shots on the famous Wharf swings!

We finished up as it started to get too dark for photos, and these two needed to head off to their ACTUAL dinner plans! Definitely a birthday Zoya will always remember!