Hiking at St. Mary's Glacier | Idaho Springs, Colorado | Maegan and Robb (and Cooper)

Hiking with mini Australian shepherd at St. Mary’s Glacier in Colorado | Colorado Adventure Engagement Photographer

Excited to share another one of my Colorado hiking sessions today! This St. Mary’s Glacier session with Maegan, Robb, and their adorable mini-aussie Cooper is one of my favorites! Maegan is an old soccer friend of mine from when I lived in Tampa, and I don’t think we had seen each other since I left Florida in 2011. It was so nice to catch up, and to finally meet her husband Robb! (And Cooper of course, haha.) They had just moved out to Denver a few weeks prior, so it was perfect timing with my trip out there.

We all met up in Denver after Robb got out of work for the day, and drove up to Idaho Springs together to St. Mary’s Glacier. This hike was short, but the climb was really steep and rocky! Maegan did awesome in her boots, because even I was slipping and sliding in my hiking shoes. And it was chilly! The combination of high elevation and the setting sun made it A LOT colder than when we got in the car in Denver. But these guys had no complaints, just lots of smiles (and lots of cuddling to stay warm!)

Happy couple on the trail at St. Mary’s Glacier in Idaho Springs, CO | Colorado Adventure Photographer
Miniature Australian shepherd hiking on the dog-friendly trail at St. Mary’s Glacier | Colorado Dog Photographer
Sweet dog looking up at his parents during an adventure photo shoot in Idaho Springs, Colorado
Candid photo of happy couple while hiking | Colorado Engagement Photographer
Outdoorsy couple with their dog on a blue sky day in the Colorado mountains
Doggie kisses on the rocky trail in the Colorado mountains

So. Much. Goofiness. I loved it!

Funny couple goofing off during their photo shoot at St. Mary’s Glacier
Smiling mini Aussie while hiking in Colorado | Minature Australian shepherd photos
Couple holding hands while walking their dog on the rocky trail at St. Mary’s Glacier | Colorado Engagement Photography
Happy couple with dog standing in between their legs during adventure session on the trails at St. Mary’s Glacier | Best adventure engagement spots in Colorado

Cooper is so well-trained! He’s only 9 months old but already knows tons of commands. Like this one: “pose for your LinkedIn headshot.”

Dog looking right at the camera and posing for a picture
Hiking couple and their miniature Aussie in the Colorado mountains | Colorado adventure photographer

Cooper apparently loves to stand in between people’s legs, which is PERFECT for photos!

Happy family standing by the lake at St. Mary’s Glacier in Idaho Springs, Colorado

Hahaha Robb looks like he’s about to attack.

Happy couple goofing off by the lake at St. Mary’s Glacier | Candid Engagement Photographer in Colorado

….with kisses obviously :)

Black and white photo of a sweet kiss on cheek
Adventurous couple with arms wrapped around each other by the glacial lake in Idaho Springs, Colorado
Sitting on a log and playing with their dog
Candid picture of couple walking along the lake at St. Mary’s Glacier | Best spots in Colorado for engagement pictures
Sweet miniature Australian shepherd with his outdoorsy parents
Candid picture of couple with their cute dog | Idaho Springs, Colorado engagement photography

“Robb, run your fingers through Maegan’s hair…”

Funny pictures of couple goofing around during their session
Laughing while goofing around together | Fun Colorado Photographer

That’s better!

Smiling and looking into each other’s eyes while taking pictures at St. Mary’s Glacier | Best Colorado adventure engagement photo spots
Happy couple at the end of their fall hike at St. Mary’s Glacier
Romantic black and white photo as couple leans in for a kiss | Colorado engagement photography for outdoorsy couples
Walking along the lake at St. Mary’s Glacier in Idaho Springs, Colorado

I love Cooper’s smile in this one!!

Whole family, dog included, smiling right at the camera | Colorado dog photographer
Sweet candid photo of dog parents playing with their miniature Australian shepherd in Idaho Springs, Colorado

And one last photo-op for Instagram photos before we made it back to the car. It was so much fun spending time on the trail with this little family, and catching up with an old friend!

Mini Aussie posing for an Instagram photo while on a trail in the Colorado mountains | Adventure dog photography in Colorado
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