How to Prepare for a Rainy Wedding Day

Tips for how to prepare for a rainy wedding day | Laughing bride under an umbrella with the groom on their rain wedding day

Are you worried about rain on your wedding day? It’s one of the most common concerns for wedding couples getting ready for their big day! I know all of my clients are refreshing those weather apps constantly in the days leading up to their wedding, hoping for the perfect forecast. Hopefully the weather on your wedding day is sunny and warm, but just in case you’re faced with rain, here are a few tips to help you be prepared!

Wedding rain plan with a backup ceremony location under a big white tent | How to prepare for rain on your wedding day

Have a rain plan for your ceremony

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, make sure you discuss the rain plans with your venue. Does the venue have an indoor ceremony site in case of bad weather? Is it large enough to fit all of your guests? If your venue doesn’t have an indoor option, consider reserving a large tent from a rental company to keep your ceremony location and all of your guests dry. Otherwise you should be prepared to exchange your vows under umbrellas!

Taken while shooting for  Rob Jinks Photography

Taken while shooting for Rob Jinks Photography

Buy lots of umbrellas

When you’re still planning to be outdoors despite the rain, invest in some umbrellas! For photos, you’ll want to get at least enough for the whole wedding party, and figure that one umbrella will probably cover two people. You’ll want more umbrellas for your guests if you’re planning to continue with your outdoor ceremony without a tent.

The clear bubble umbrellas are always a popular choice (shoot me a message if you want a link to my favorites), and some couples choose to purchase umbrellas to match their wedding colors. It’s possible that your venue or photographer will have a few on hand (the trunk of my car is full of umbrellas!) so you can check in with them to find out if they have any available.

Bride and groom with their dog, taking wedding photos under an umbrella during their rainy wedding in Northern Virginia

Notify your guests

If your outdoor ceremony is happening rain or shine, don’t forget to let all of your guests know! They’ll want to be prepared with umbrellas, jackets, and proper footwear if they are going to be outside for any length of time.

Outdoor wedding ceremony with storm clouds rolling in | What to do when it rains on your wedding day

Have a flexible schedule

Some couples are faced with a wedding where it rains ALL DAY, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about that. But if there are scattered showers forecasted for your big day, it’s possible to plan around them. Plan extra time in your wedding day schedule to allow for photos to be moved around - it really helps to have a First Look!

Wedding party hanging out under the covered porch as the rain pours down outside | Rainy wedding advice

Make a photo plan with your photographer

Most couples plan for their formal wedding photos to take place outside, but you’ll want to work with your photographer to develop a rain plan just in case! Determine if there are any pretty locations inside your venue, or areas like a covered porch that can be used as a backup. If not, consider heading to a nearby location that is a short drive away. While hopefully you and your wedding party are game to grab some umbrellas and take pictures in the rain, remember that may not always be possible. If you’re faced with strong winds or lightning on your wedding day, those umbrellas aren’t going to provide a whole lot of protection for you! 

And if you’re worried about how your pictures will turn out on a rainy day, ask your photographer to show you some example photos they’ve taken in the rain. They should be able to reassure you that you can still get gorgeous photos in any weather!

Bride and bridesmaids under clear umbrellas on a rainy wedding day | How to have fun when it rains on your wedding day

Embrace it

The weather is not something you’ll have any control over, so just be prepared to roll with it! You’re going to marry your best friend and celebrate with all your friends and family – rain can’t stop you from having the best day of your life!

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