Theodore Roosevelt Island Engagement | Washington, DC | Sarah and Matt (and Biscuit)

Engagement photography session at Theodore Roosevelt Island in Washington, DC

Sarah and Matt love taking walks with their dog Biscuit at Roosevelt Island, so they knew this was the spot that they wanted for their engagement session. It was actually the original place that Matt was going to propose to Sarah - while walking with Biscuit of course! Sadly, the parking lot was COMPLETELY full on the day that Matt wanted to propose, so he had to quickly come up with a backup plan. The proposal ended up happening at Gravelly Point instead, but Roosevelt Island still holds a special place in their hearts!

And luckily for their engagement photos, we had Roosevelt Island almost completely to ourselves. Definitely no issues with parking on this day haha. It was a gorgeous spring evening and the leaves had just started to appear on all the trees - so we had such a beautiful green backdrop for their pictures!

Groom-to-be kisses his fiancee on the top of her head
Engaged couple with their dog on the steps at Roosevelt Island, DC
Black rescue dog posing with her parents during their engagement session
Washington, DC engagement photography at Roosevelt Island
Happy couple smiling at the camera during their engagement photos
Bride-to-be kissing her fiance on the cheek during Washington, DC engagement session
Engaged couple at dog pose in front of trees at Theodore Roosevelt Island
Candid picture of couple walking down the steps
Happy, smiling black dog taking a break from engagement pictures
Washington, DC engagement photos at Roosevelt Island
Couple smiling at each other as they sit on a bench at Roosevelt Island in DC
Close up photo of bride-to-be’s engagement ring

I feel like this photo sums up dog ownership so well - just laughing hysterically while your dog is doing something ridiculous.

Candid engagement photographer in Washington, DC | engaged couple laughing with their dog
Laughing at their dog while sitting on a bench at Theodore Roosevelt Island
Adorable dog with tongue hanging out of her mouth during her parents’ engagement pictures at Roosevelt Island

It’s always so fun to hear how pets got their names. Sarah and Matt knew they wanted to name their pup after a type of food, and since she was rescued from Alabama, they decided to go with Biscuit! I love it! And it fits her so well.

All black rescue dog | Washington, DC engageement session with dog
Washington, DC engagement session at Theodore Roosevelt Island
Sweet engagement photo during golden hour at Theodore Roosevelt Island in Washington, DC
Happy rescue dog with her tongue out
Groom-to-be giving his fiancee a kiss on the cheek, with green trees behind them | Roosevelt Island engagement pictures
Spring engagement session in the woods of Roosevelt Island | Washington, DC engagement photography
Engaged couple walking through the woods with their dog | Washington, DC engagement photographer
Roosevelt Island engagement pictures in Washington, DC
Candid engagement photo of couple laughing at Roosevelt Island in DC
Engaged couple walking their dog on the boardwalk at Theodore Roosevelt Island
Couple leans in forehead to forehead while hiking on Theodore Roosevelt Island during their engagement pictures
Couple sitting on bench looking out over the wetlands on Roosevelt Island
Engagement photo with dog on the boardwalk of Theodore Roosevelt Island
Engagement ring on bluebells
Black dog looking out at the wetlands during sunset at Roosevelt Island, DC
Candid engagement photo of couple laughing with their dog | Candid Washington, DC engagement photographer
Smiling engagement couple hiking with their pup
Sunset engagement photo over the river at Roosevelt Island in Washington, DC

So excited for their wedding later this year at Rosemont Manor!

Rescue: Humane Rescue Alliance