Lindsay's Bridal Shower // Artisan Works // Rochester, NY

Lindsay’s bridal shower at Artisan Works was so much fun! Lindsay and I have been friends since we were three years old. We grew up as neighbors, and then went to both high school and college together. I’m so happy she’s found Brian, the love of her life, and they’ve decided to get married this year!

Artisan Works is such a unique art gallery, and all the funky artwork and lights make great backdrops for photos. I was very excited that my bridesmaid duty for the day was to take pictures :) We all enjoyed the delicious food and yummy desserts, and played some hilarious games. The toilet paper wedding dress fashion show was definitely a highlight!

The shower was beautiful (thanks to the hard work of Lindsay's mom, and maid and matron of honor!) and I know the wedding will be just as fabulous :)  I can’t wait to stand behind my best friend on her big day in June!