Zeb // Irondequoit, NY // Family Portrait Photographer

Janelle and I grew up playing soccer together but haven't seen each other in years! It was great to reconnect and to meet her husband, Dan, and their son Zeb. And wow this kid is adorable! 

The forecast was rainy so instead of meeting at a park like we initially planned, we decided to pick some indoor locations. The first choice was obvious - Janelle's dad owns the very popular Irondequoit bar, the Titus Tavern. Who doesn't want family portraits in a bar?? :) It worked out perfectly, and we got to include Janelle’s dad in some of the photos too. We got some awesome pictures of Zeb crawling around on the bar, and my favorite shot of the day is him up there holding a glass with a surprised look on his face. I’m so glad I caught it, because we quickly switched to playing with the safer plastic cups after that haha.

From there, we headed down the street to the new Irondequoit Public Library. (I guess it’s not that “new” now, but since neither of us live in Rochester anymore it was still new to Janelle and me!) The library has a great children’s section with tons of color, and Zeb just loved playing with all the toys and books! Zeb definitely had a fun morning and was such a great little model.  :)