Surprise Proposal on the Speaker's Balcony | Washington, DC | Geoff and Farah

Surprise proposal at the U.S. Capitol on the Speaker’s Balcony

Geoff’s surprise proposal to Farah on the Speaker’s Balcony of the U.S. Capitol was one of the most carefully orchestrated proposals I’ve ever photographed! Farah’s parents were in town visiting from Utah, so Geoff planned a “tour” of the Capitol through a friend in Speaker Pelosi’s office. It was the perfect cover to have her parents present without making her suspicious. Farah was working out-of-town that day, and Geoff was picking her up at the train station before going to meet her parents and Geoff’s dad (his mom couldn’t make it due to a recent surgery) at the Capitol. So their parents and I arrived early and waited in a conference room for the happy couple to arrive. It was so fun to witness their excitement beforehand!

For most proposals I’m just hiding with my camera and reveal myself after the big moment, but for this one I had an acting role! I pretended I was one of Nancy Pelosi’s staff members, and guided Geoff and Farah out to the Speaker’s Balcony to meet their parents and start the tour. I explained I was taking photos for a new brochure for the Capitol Visitor Center, and asked if they would be ok with me taking pictures of them on the balcony. Thankfully Farah agreed - that would have been a problem if she said no! After a few seconds of taking in the view, she asked Geoff how often the Speaker gets out on the balcony herself, and Geoff came up with the amazing line “probably only for special moments…. like this one” and dropped down on one knee!

A big thank you goes out to Jorge, Shivani, and McKenzie - the ACTUAL staff members who helped coordinate the logistics of getting us all in the right place at the right time!

Sign on door of Speaker’s Balcony in the Capitol Building
Door to the Office of the Speaker in the U.S. Capitol
Surprise proposal on the Speaker’s Balcony with Washington Monument in the background | Washington, DC surprise proposal photography
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Newly engaged couple kisses on the Speaker’s Balcony of the U.S. Capitol Building | DC engagement photographer
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Black and white engagement photo with National Mall and Washington Monument in the background
Candid photo of happy couple after they get engaged at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC | DC Surprise Proposal Photographer
Putting the engagement ring on her finger | Washington, DC Proposal Photographer

It was so special that Farah’s parents and Geoff’s dad were able to be there for the proposal! And lots of other family members were able to watch too via FaceTime.

Proud parents filming the proposal on their cell phones on the Speaker’s Balcony in Washington, DC
Dad watching the surprise proposal in Washington, DC
Giving his surprised fiancee a kiss on the forehead after popping the question | U.S. Capitol surprise proposal and engagement photography
Candid photo celebrating with family members who saw the proposal
Bride-to-be hugging her dad after getting engaged on the Speaker’s Balcony
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Happy engaged couple by the Office of the Speaker in the Capitol Building, Washington, DC
Engagement session in the Office of the Speaker at the Capitol Building in DC
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Newly engaged couple after their proposal at the United States Capitol in DC
Smiling engaged couple in the U.S. Capitol Building rotunda after their proposal

On our way out of the Capitol Building, the security guard stopped us to ask Geoff how it went. He knew that he was going to propose because he saw the engagement ring on the x-ray!

Capitol Building X-ray machine image showing the engagement ring