Colorado Mountain Engagement Photos at Long Lake and Lake Isabelle | Kyle and Lindsay (and Piper)

Long Lake Colorado sunrise engagement photos | Megan Rei Photography

Kyle and Lindsay’s hiking engagement session at Long Lake and Lake Isabelle was the perfect way to kick off their wedding week! These two love hiking in Colorado’s mountains, and so does their rescue dog Piper. (Even at 11 years old, Piper was scrambling over rocks like a puppy!) We spent a lot of time leading up to the session trying to decide on a location. Kyle and Lindsay scouted out several different trails, sent me lots of photos, and I did a ton of Googling. And we ultimately decided on the Brainard Lake Recreation Area for the amazing mountain views and an 8-mile hike that seemed moderate enough for someone like me coming from sea level!

Lindsay and Kyle picked me up from my hotel in Denver at 5:00am, and we were off to the mountains! It was 24 degrees when we got out of the car, and I was definitely thankful that I got to keep my hat and gloves on the whole time! But these two braved the temperatures with no problem, and Lindsay even changed into a dress later on in the hike.

Although the trail began in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area, we actually didn’t even hike by Brainard Lake! We began our hike at Long Lake, and what a place to start. The giant boulders in the water were perfect for climbing on, and I love that we even got the moon in a few photos. Waking up in time to beat the sunrise was totally worth it!

A kiss on the cheek at Long Lake, Ward, Colorado | Colorado Engagement Photo Locations
Engaged couple on a boulder in Long Lake in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area
Engaged couple kisses while standing on a rock in Long Lake, Ward Colorado
Candid engagement picture at Long Lake in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area | Denver Colorado Engagement Photographer
Hiking at Long Lake in Colorado
Standing on the rocks at Brainard Lake Recreation Area for engagement photos
Engaged couple kisses during their hike

Oh my gosh, isn’t Piper’s winter jacket just the cutest?

Dog bundled up in her winter jacket during chilly hike in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area
Engagement pictures with their dog at Long Lake

Check out Piper’s Colorado flag collar!

Dog with Colorado flag collar looking up at her parents | Hiking at Long Lake, Colorado
Hiking engagement pictures in the Colorado mountains
Candid laughter during outdoorsy engagement session
Adventure engagement photos at Long Lake with a dog
All smiles by Long Lake

See how full their backpacks are? This was partially due to the fact that Lindsay and Kyle packed extra food and water for me! They knew my bag was going to be full of camera gear, and they wanted to make sure I was taken care of. Lindsay is a nurse, so she was constantly checking on me to be sure I didn’t have any issues with the 10,000+ft elevation! Thanks guys!

Backpacking engagement session for adventure lovers | Brainard Lake Recreation Area hike
Couple showing some love to their adventure pup on the trail
Stopping for some doggie kisses during the hike
Adventure engagement photos in the mountains by Lake Isabelle, Colorado | Pawnee Pass Trail
Chilly dog bundled up in her winter jacket

By the time we got to Lake Isabelle, the sun was out in full force! I put sunscreen on TWICE during this hike, and still managed to get sunburned. The Colorado sun is no joke!

Indian Peaks Wilderness hike with view overlooking Lake Isabelle
Happy couple taking a break from hiking to enjoy the views at Lake Isabelle and the Indian Peaks
Helping his fiance climb across the rocks at Lake Isabelle | Colorado hiking engagement photos
Hiking dog siting on a rock at Lake Isabelle in the Indian Peaks Wilderness | Dog-friendly trails in Colorado
Happy family enjoying some puppy kisses with Indian Peaks in the background

And here is where Lindsay changed into her beautiful dress! The sun warmed everything up slightly, but definitely NOT to dress weather temperatures haha. But Lindsay is tough, and you can’t even tell she was freezing!

Giving his fiance a kiss during a sunny hike to Lake Isabelle
Dancing in the cold during a late fall hiking engagement session in Indian Peaks Wilderness
Black and white photo of engaged couple during their adventure engagement pictures in the Brainard Lake Recreation Hike
Engaged couple keeping warm during a chilly fall hike on the Pawnee Pass Trail to Lake Isabelle
Leaning in for a kiss during outdoorsy engagement pictures in Colorado | Megan Rei Photography
A lakeside kiss in the mountains
Wind blowing through hair in the mountains
Candid photo of couple holding hands and hiking across the rocks
Running along Lake Isabelle with their dog
Candid shot with their dog by the lake
Indian Peaks Wildnerness engagement session | Adventurous couple with their dog
Backpacking on the Pawnee Pass Trail in the Indian Peaks WIlderness | Colorado adventure engagement session ideas
Hiking engagement photographer in Colorado | Indian Peaks Wilderness hike | Megan Rei Photography

And we finished our hike overlooking Lake Isabelle! By finished I mean we then turned around and hiked another 4 miles back to the car haha. But it was definitely easier (and warmer) on the way back down!

The view overlooking Lake Isabelle from above