Engagement in Old Town Alexandria | Alex and Steve

I loved hanging out in Old Town Alexandria with Alex and Steve for their engagement photos! They are the sweetest couple, and we had such a good time walking around Alexandria’s streets and down by the waterfront. No matter how many times I shoot engagements in Alexandria, every time it’s a new adventure. We’re always finding cute new doors and hidden alcoves that make perfect photo spots!


I swear their outfits went with EVERYTHING that we walked by. I felt like I was stopping them every few feet because they looked pretty wherever they were standing haha.

And of course we had to stop on Prince Street to get some pictures with the cobblestones. Alex and Steve executed the lifted pose perfectly (and on uneven ground to boot) - not an easy thing to do!


Outfit change time! I laughed when I saw Alex’s green shirt, because I bought ALMOST THE EXACT SAME ONE just days before this session haha. Mine is a slightly different cut, but the exact same color. So ladies, check out J. Crew if you want to rock the same style that Alex and I have!


Alex and Steve first met while working on a political campaign, so Mark Warner made a brief appearance for their photos!

I can’t wait for their wedding in Winchester next summer!